To provide a path to self-sufficiency to prevent and end homelessness through affordable housing solutions and advocacy in Howard County, Maryland.



To champion the eradication of homelessness in Howard County, Maryland.

Bridges to Housing Stability is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, serving Howard County, MD. Bridges believes that housing is the key to a household’s stability. Whether resolving the issue of homelessness or preventing a household from becoming homeless, our goal goes beyond crisis intervention – our approach and mission focuses on long term housing stability for our target populations.


We welcome clients, tenants, staff and volunteers from all cultures and backgrounds regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation. Together we model our values in support of our mission and vision. We believe in:

  • Treating all people with respect
  • Providing opportunities for everyone to live in a home
  • Delivering excellent service and advocacy to empower clients
  • Recognizing the strengths and uniqueness of each individual and family when providing services
  • Working collaboratively with partners
  • Exhibiting professionalism, innovation, accountability, transparency, and a dedication to quality in all that we do.



The Bridges Housing Stability Program seeks permanent affordable housing for Howard County residents who are homeless or facing imminent eviction and are referred to Bridges through the Howard County Coordinated System of Homeless Services.  The program:

    • Assists with finding permanent housing and provides case management for those facing eviction who have lived in Howard County in the last six months and are referred to Bridges through the Coordinated System of Homeless Services.
    • Provides permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless individuals and families.
    • The goal of the Housing Stability Program is to provide affordable housing solutions that is the foundation for family stability.
    • The program is primarily funded by Howard County Department of Community Resources & Services with additional funding from the United Way of Central Maryland.


The Bridges Alliance Program provides Bridges-owned and leased properties for rent to individuals and families working in Howard County making 30-60% of the County’s median area income at affordable and sustainable rents that do not exceed 40% of the household’s income, while providing a Circle of Support to build social capital, and limited housing case-management as needed.

    • Through Bridges owned or leased properties Bridges Alliance provides affordable housing to those working in Howard County who are financially challenged and make 30%-60% of the county’s median income level.
    • The goal of the program is to provide affordable housing that is not time limited and focuses on building leadership development, advocacy, and goal achievement within a community organizing model.
    • Program funding is provided through the Department of Housing and Community Development to purchase homes.  In addition, donations from individuals and corporations, and rental payments from tenants contribute to the sustainability of the program.


The Housing Connections Program solicits private landlords to provide affordable housing to individuals and families experiencing housing barriers and provides case-management to the households to ensure housing stability.

    • The program provides affordable housing by connecting private landlords with clients who are overcoming financial and other barriers.
    • The goal of the Housing Connections Program is to promote fair housing practices, and  provide affordable housing and supportive services to keep households stable throughout their lease term.
    • The program is funded through a Community Development Block Grant through the Howard County Department of Housing and Community Development.

Bridges programs are made possible by Federal and County grants, corporate and individual donations, and private foundation grants.

In addition to providing programs to provide permanent affordable housing, Bridges advocates for affordable housing for low-income households and the elimination of homelessness in all communities.