Meet Russ Snyder

Meet Russ Snyder, one of Bridges’ truly selfless and amazing volunteers. Russ has generously donated his time, energy, ansolid judgment to effectively advocate for affordable housing in Howard County as a member of our Board of Directors since 2012. For Russ, making a difference in his community is more than just volunteering, it is a calling and a way of living.  Russ demonstrated this when he left the for-profit world of business in 2009, to serve as President and CEO of Volunteers of America Chesapeake & Carolinas. Russ passion to develop housing solutions for low-income households to assist their transition from homelessness into stable housing perfectly aligns with Bridges’ core mission. His strong background in nonprofit management makes him an effective advisor on our mission, strategy, and goals. Russ has been an engaged board member who consistently provides actionable and trustworthy advice. His leadership has guided Bridges through numerous critical decisions and strategic plans for the future. He has tirelessly served in several roles including RDC Chair and as a member of the Property Committee and the Finance CommitteeHis experience and knowledge of affordable housing trends are invaluable in his many roles.   

For Russ, who has been deeply involved in the Alliance Program since he joined the board, the growth of the program from 1 property in 2013 to the current 42 properties and growing is a source of satisfaction. He is grateful to be part of the continuing, unfolding of the plan from speculation to vision to action.  Volunteering with Bridges has been rewarding due to the camaraderie of working toward a common, noble goal with talented Board and staff. Russ feels a sense of fulfillment in seeing Bridges become a support structure for low-income families and individuals, offering a wealth of resources on the path to self-sufficiency including financial literacy. Bridges is ever grateful to have Russ as part of our team. 

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