Making an Impact through Collective Action

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Even in the best of times, moving forward is often difficult for many of Bridges’ clients. Facing the challenges of low wages, scarce affordable housing, housing discrimination, and many other barriers are formidable. No one can surmount all of these obstacles alone. I’m not just talking about our clientsthough. Everyone needs help from others to accomplish their goals. I could count hundreds of people who have helped me achieve goals throughout my life.  

As we enter fiscal year 2021, I’m proud of all that Bridges has accomplished over the past year. Our statistics demonstrate that we have had a meaningful impact. We’ve achieved these results by organizing the collective effort of donors, volunteers, board members, staff, committee members, sponsors, interns, landlords, property managers, partner organizations, County Government, foundations, and most importantly – the hard work of our clients. And I still believe that collectively, we can end homelessness and make other important changes in our world, too.  

Our rehousing work slowed during several weeks this spring, during the emergency order to shelter in place. Now, things are moving forward and households are finding homes once again. I want to again thank all the people, groups, organizations, and corporations that have helped us this past fiscal year. We have many challenges ahead, but we’re still moving forward. 

Thank you, 


Jennifer Broderick, LCSW 

Executive Director 

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