New to Bridges in May 2022!

This program was created outside of Bridges, by a non-profit organization formed by members of Kittamaqundi Community Church in Columbia, MD.  Between 2015 and 2021, that organization purchased five homes in Howard County. The homes were rented to families earning very low income (generally below 30% of Howard County Median Income). Rents were set at 30% of household income. 

The program was entirely volunteer-run, made possible by the passion and commitment of its founders, and then sustained over the years by dozens of enthusiastic board members, volunteers, and donors. We applaud and celebrate everyone who contributed to the launch and growth of this essential program. 

In May 2022, the organization donated the properties to Bridges. In return, Bridges committed to run the Help End Homelessness program exactly as it was designed – by charging tenants no more than 30% of their income for rent and utilities. The rents do not cover all the operating costs of the homes, but we raise funds to subsidize the difference so that the families remain stably housed. 

Over time, we hope to add even more income-based rental homes to the Help End Homelessness program. Our community desperately needs more housing for families that earn limited incomes. 

Bridges recently launched a Rent Reporting program that will allow tenants to report positive rent payments to the major credit bureaus. With funding from the nonprofit Credit Builders Alliance, Bridges will pay the monthly program fees for all tenants who enroll through June 2026. This program will allow tenants to build credit that will, in turn, increase their credit score and access to high-quality financial products and wealth and asset opportunities. Bridges will host orientation sessions to inform tenants about this program and offer credit building assistance to enrolled tenants.

The HEHHC program is not currently accepting applications. When there are vacancies, this webpage will be updated with information on how to apply or be referred to the program.