Chili & Challenge Planning Teams

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Thank you for supporting Bridges to Housing Stability’s Chili & Challenge – Part 2! The following teams are needed to divide the work for executing this event. Bridges will provide each group with instructions & necessary information to carry out their tasks. Please review these teams below, then complete the survey to let Bridges’ staff know how you can assist. You can complete the short survey at


Teams & Related Tasks Needed to Execute Chili & Challenge Event
    1. Congregations Team

      • Select an event date based on congregation availability
      • Create congregation participation document
      • Confirm congregation participation
      • Provide registration information &¬†fundraising information to the coordinators (virtual tip jar & event flyer)
      • Send email reminders for ticket purchasing & amount raised
      • Deliver awards to winning congregations
      • Send thank you flyers to all participating congregations
    1. Sponsorship Team

      • Create sponsorship packet
      • Create sponsor tracking document
      • Confirm sponsorship pledges/levels
      • Create invoices
      • Contact sponsors to convey the success of the event
    1. Restaurant Team

      • Contact businesses to cater the event
      • Schedule taste tastings with four committee members
      • Determine which restaurant we’ll partner with based on availability & chili
      • Set ticket prices
      • Determine ticket sales deadline
      • Provide final order sheet to restaurant
      • Prepare decorations for pick up day (including signage)
      • Determine help needed for meal pick up
      • Prepare for live recording
    1. Marketing Team

      • Relay ticket sales deadline
      • Create social media posts for the event
        • Ticket sales
        • Silent auction
        • sponsor acknowledgments
      • Create press release
      • Send a press release to marketing partners
      • Create event flyer
      • Create sponsor flyer
      • Create event webpage
      • Create ticket page for meals
      • Create ticket page for congregation registration & event sponsorship
      • Create fundraising pages/tip jars
      • Create event flyers for each congregation
      • Create sponsor poster
      • Email ticket purchasers prior to pick up day (instructions & event info)


    1. Live Streaming Team
      • Determine external needs (videographer, etc.)
      • Determine platform to broadcast streaming
      • Prepare content/script for streaming
        • Thank all participants
        • Describe Bridges’ programs
        • Client Speaker
        • History of CCO/Chili & Challenge
        • Thank participating congregations by name
        • Thank event sponsors by name
        • Announce ladle winners
        • Thank partnering restaurant
      • Convert streaming to video
      • Upload video to Bridges’ website


    1. Virtual Silent Auction Team
      • Solicit auction items
      • Create auction baskets
      • Take photos of auction baskets
      • Upload basket photos online
      • Contact auction winners
      • Schedule pick up dates & times (including who will assist with pickups)
      • Confirm each auction basket is picked up
      • Report auction finances (income, donations, & expenses)


    1. Awards Team
      • Gather ladle awards
      • Confirm regulations for award recipients
      • Track congregation donations & ticket sales


    1. Volunteer Coordinator
      • Meet with different work groups to determine volunteer needs
      • Recruit volunteers
      • Manage volunteer projects

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