Celebrating Anniversaries in New Ways

I don’t consider myself a very creative person, but for the past six months, I have had to exercise my creative muscle professionally and personally almost daily. That’s one small benefit of the pandemic: it is forcing many of us to think creatively about how to do things differently.

August marked Bridges’ 30th anniversary of serving the Howard County community. Next week we will celebrate our 10th year of Chili Cook-offs, with our Chili & Challenge event on Sept. 13. When our original plan to have an in-person event was overruled by the coronavirus, our Chili Cook-off committee brainstormed for months to find ways to make the event a celebratory experience despite the limitations we face.

We’re excited that the event will retain the spirit of our annual “Hotter Than Thou” Chili Cook-Off in a virtual way. I hope you will join us during the Chili and Challenge on Sept. 13. You’ll enjoy a great meal and beverages from the Periodic Table, a large silent auction, and a virtual watch party. You can find details later in this newsletter.

Through the rest of the year, you’ll continue to see news and social media posts about our anniversaries, as we look back on 30 years of growth and change amongst the highs and lows.

Thank you for being a part of our evolving story,

Jen Broderick, LCSW

Executive Director

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