Meet Russ Snyder

Meet Russ Snyder, one of Bridges’ truly selfless and amazing volunteers. Russ has generously donated his time, energy, and solid judgment to effectively advocate for affordable housing in Howard County as a member of our Board of Directors since 2012. For Russ, making a difference in his community is more than just volunteering, it is a calling … Read More

Making an Impact through Collective Action

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Even in the best of times, moving forward is often difficult for many of Bridges’ clients. Facing the challenges of low wages, scarce affordable housing, housing discrimination, and many other barriers are formidable. No one can surmount all of these obstacles alone. I’m not just talking about our clients, though. Everyone … Read More

Perseverance during the Pandemic

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All of us have been impacted by COVID-19. But many low- to moderate-income households face particularly extreme hardships as they struggle to make ends meet. Many clients tell us that food insecurity is their most pressing challenge. Bridges’ program staff continues to keep a laser focus on providing information about community resources (food banks and pop-up pantries, ethnic food warehouses, etc.) as … Read More

Critical Support Provided During the Pandemic

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The pandemic has affected at least one-quarter of Bridges’ current clients through layoffs, cuts in job hours, or inability to work due to an absence of childcare. In addition to the generous individuals who gave to our COVID-19 Community Appeal, grantors and organizations have provided crucial COVID-19 relief to … Read More

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