Doing More in ’24

We are so grateful for the generous support we received for our year-end campaign. Thank you to everyone who donated. Your contributions help us continue our current housing programs and give us the capacity to expand our services in 2024. … Read More

Housing is in the Spotlight

Howard County housing has been in the spotlight this past month. On Oct. 11, the County Council approved an amended “HoCo by Design,” our county’s general plan. The plan’s growth policies include additional affordable housing (both rental and for-sale), detached … Read More

A Heartening Look Back Over the Year

As a child and young adult, I created scrapbooks to faithfully document significant moments. At the end of each year, I’d look back through the book and remember all the highlights. In a similar way, Bridges’ annual report allows us to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year. So I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read our most recent annual report (fiscal year 2023).

Stable Housing is a Platform for Success

Latest Community Indicators Highlight Housing Dear Friends, The Association of Community Services recently published its annual Self-Sufficiency Indicators report, which is always an excellent source of data about the economic stability of Howard County residents. The report, available here, confirms the … Read More

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