A Memorable Year

A Memorable Year 

Every year is memorable in some way. Personal or professional milestones mark our days, months, and years. At Bridges, like every other nonprofit, Fiscal Year 2021 brought many changes to our delivery of services in the community. There is much to celebrate, but much work left to do before every household in Howard County reaches long-term stability. I invite you to read about our accomplishments and challenges in our FY2021 Annual Report.

The trials and opportunities continue, as the crisis has not ended. Bridges, along with other members of the Coalition to End Homelessness, is working hard to make homelessness brief, rare, and nonrecurring in Howard County. In collaboration with other local partners, we are distributing rental assistance funding that is urgently needed to keep people in their homes. And we are a key partner in the county-wide “housing push” to permanently house many households that have been unsheltered or living in Grassroots’ emergency shelter for an extended time during the pandemic.

Like many other people, I have a new appreciation of home and the safety a home can provide during difficult times. As always, our supporters, funders, and partners are key to Bridges’ successes.

Jen Broderick, LCSW

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