Housing Connections

Did you know that private landlords are the largest suppliers of affordable housing in the country?

The Housing Connections Program is an expansion of the Landlord Engagement Program that was started in 2016. Housing Connections will work with landlords and low- to moderate-income Howard County residents to support both parties during the search and first lease term.  This results in stable housing for families, landlords receiving timely rent payments, a liaison as needed, and home visits to their unit to check in on tenant and unit. Families that are struggling with high rent burdens can work with the Housing Connections Program Manager to locate a unit that will fit their needs and receive ongoing communication with the program manager and employment specialist to increase income, explore career goals, and set housing stability goals.

The Benefits for landlords include:

  • Timely rent payments;
  • Access to program liaison to address tenant concerns;
  • Every other month home visits to check on the welfare of tenant and maintenance of unit;
  • Cut costs: NO advertising costs.

The Benefits for tenants include:

  • Assistance with finding a rental unit that fits your needs;
  • Financial assistance with move-in costs;
  • Liaison to work with you and landlord through any concerns;
  • Employment Specialist to work on career goals and increasing income;
  • Program manager to research and provide resources when needed as you identify and work toward goals;
  • Tenant Success Certificate Program.


Landlords or realtors interested in joining Housing Connections or learning more about the program are encouraged to call (443) 518-7661 for more details.

Housing Connections also works with tenants in the community that are already housed and may need assistance in remaining stably housed.

The program is funded by the Howard County Department of Housing and Community Development through a Fee-In-Lieu grant.