Bridges Alliance

Family Living Planning

Bridges does not just advocate for more affordable housing in the community. We are leading by example. Launched in 2013, Bridges Alliance is an income-based rental housing program with a unique system of mutual support. Bridges Alliance is a public-private initiative, aimed at offering lower-wage working families a new and sustainable housing choice.

Bridges Alliance incorporates Circles of Support, which offers every tenant a social resource network critical to their long-term stability. Circles of Support engage both tenants and volunteer allies from across the economic spectrum to unite around the goals of leadership development, financial management, long-term social support, and housing stability.

A household ideally suited for the Bridges Alliance program is:

  • Employed in Howard County
  • Earns 30-60% of the area’s median income
  • Has a history of high rent burden
  • A responsible tenant
  • Willing to participate continuously in a Circle of Support.

Through its partnership with the Howard County Housing Commission, Bridges Alliance is growing by more than ten units each year. The rental units are located throughout Howard County. Leases are for one year and are renewable.

Bridges continues to seek partnerships with congregations, corporations, foundations, and individuals to provide the support needed to expand Bridges Alliance. The current campaign entitled “100 Homes for 100 Households” holds great promise to help grow Bridges Alliance and support operations of the program.

Bridges Alliance also seeks volunteer allies for the Circles of Support and Housing Corps volunteers. To learn more about volunteering, becoming a tenant, or providing support, contact Dana Sohr, Bridges Alliance Program Manager at or 410-312-5760 ext 104 or

Bridges Alliance Infographic 2016