Our Impact

Bridges to Housing Stability

Bridges continues to focus on making homelessness rare, brief, and nonrecurring and making affordable housing a reality for low-income families.

In 2013, the Howard County Point in Time count identified 200 individuals that were experiencing homelessness on a single night in January.  The 2018, Howard County Point In Time count identified 167 individuals during that same time in January 5 years later.

Although there is still a ways to go to end homelessness in our County, through the efforts of all of the agencies that are partners in the Coordinated System of Homeless Services, the numbers of homeless households in our community is dropping.  Bridges plays a large role in that success!  Here are some of our statistics, that are impacting those numbers.

100% of Bridges Alliance affordable housing tenants retain their housing for at least 18 months.

95% Of the households that exit Bridges’ Housing Stability Programs to permanent housing remain housed for 12 months.

Bridges has created 27 new units of affordable housing in Howard County.

52 Households were rehoused in housing they could afford in Fiscal year 2017.  Between July 1, 2017 & March 30, 2018 we have rehoused 51 households.

The average wait time to be rehoused for families with children through Shelter Diversion is 22 Days.

An average of 30 Households are not evicted each year because of Bridges’ prevention efforts.