BRIDGES Family Displaced by Fire….Help Us Restore Their Home!

This past week our BRIDGES Alliance staff was notified of an electrical fire in one of our homes in Columbia Maryland. As you can tell from the photo taken when we responded to the news, much was lost and the family living in the home was displaced.

We are grateful that the mother and her four children living in the home are safe and have been provided with temporary housing in a local hotel. However, we know we have much work ahead to restore the home and resources to the family so that they can have stable housing once again.

We are turning to our BRIDGES family to help us not only provide resources to the family affected, but to also restore the property so it can be offered as affordable housing in the near future. We want to make sure that we can provide for all the families we serve now, so they do not also lose hope for the future.

  • Your donation will help us clean up and restore the home devastated by fire so that it can once again be provided to a family in need.
  • Your donation will help us provide resources to the family displaced so that the children can continue to go to school, the mother can continue to work and that they have a positive outlook for the future.
  • Your donation will ensure that emergency funds can alleviate the burden of diverting resources from other BRIDGES programs and clients in need.

It is always a tragedy when people lose their possessions. Together we can restore their home and help provide hope for stable housing in the future. Please consider a gift today.


Millicent Nwolisa, Executive Director