Bridges to Housing Stability, Inc. (“Bridges”) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Howard County, MD. Bridges’ mission is to provide a path to self-sufficiency to prevent and end homelessness through affordable housing solutions and advocacy in Howard County. Its vision is for a community in which family’s working towards self-sufficiency can obtain and maintain housing stability. To that end, Bridges provides affordable housing and/or case management to households who are precariously housed and overburdened with rent, facing eviction and at risk of homelessness, or already homeless. For more information, please see


This position is responsible for managing the operation and growth of the Bridges Alliance Program (“Alliance”). Alliance is Bridges’ affordable housing program, in which Bridges either acquires or leases housing units in Howard County and rents such units to low-wage households who work in Howard County. Alliance not only provides the housing itself, but also includes social services/programming aimed towards helping the Alliance households become self-sufficient. The Alliance Manager must manage and operate both the real estate/property and social services/programming components of Alliance. The real estate/property component involves property management, real estate portfolio asset management, housing acquisition and financing, housing rehabilitation, and potentially some housing construction/development. The Alliance Manager will be responsible for stabilizing, growing and diversifying the housing portfolio. The social services/programming component involves community organizing, strengthening the existing tenant Circle of Support, providing case-management (as needed), developing new and effective programming that stimulates and supports each participant household’s progress towards self-sufficiency, and measuring participants’ progress. The Alliance Manager will be responsible for ensuring that program participants continually make progress towards self-sufficiency, with the ultimate goal of becoming self-sufficient and able to maintain stable housing outside of Alliance. On a more general level, the Alliance Manager will work towards improving the effectiveness of the programming, and must balance the real estate/property goals with the social services/programming goals. Once the Program Manager has grown Alliance to the point that it can support additional staff, either of the real estate/property or social services/programming components can be delegated to and handled by separate staff; however, during Alliance’s growth phase, the Alliance Program Manager will be expected to perform both components. In addition, the Alliance Manager will be responsible for building and maintaining key and critically relevant relationships among various constituencies: tenants/program participants, Bridges’ Board of Directors and its committee members, Bridges staff, faith community leaders, County government, individual and corporate donors and sponsors, foundation grantors, financial institutions, community/referral partners, condo associations, community housing advocates and leaders, property management vendors, the Alliance volunteer corps, and other partners.



  • Work mostly independently (within appropriate Board guidelines and approvals) to grow the Alliance Program
  • Satisfy Alliance metrics and program goals (includes establishing metrics in collaboration with the Director of Programs and Executive Director, as well as monitoring and collecting the necessary data)
  • Attend, participate and present program information, quarterly reports and general updates at Board committee and work group meetings, as well as at staff program manager meetings
  • Manage Alliance’s overall fiscal state, which includes collaborating with Director of Programs to establish the Alliance budget, managing the budget and approving spending within budget guidelines and procedures, applying for grants and growing the donor base (individual donors, foundations, corporate sponsors)
  • Track monthly profit and loss and cash flow statements for entire Alliance program
  • Prepare quarterly, annual and campaign reports (such as the Partner Report for the 100 Homes for 100 Households Campaign)
  • Represent Bridges in advocating for affordable housing in public forums and advocacy groups at the local and state level, which includes occasionally participating on Bridges’ Education and Public Policy committee
  • Serve as point of contact regarding program operations with various internal stakeholders (including Board committees) and external stakeholders
  • Lead efforts on marketing, outreach and public relations relating to Alliance
  • Establish an Alliance volunteer corps and continually recruit to the corps, as well as coordinate the volunteer corps’ participation in both Alliance’s programming and real estate functions and activities
  • Update procedures and recommend policy changes to Director of Programs, as necessary
  • Collaborate with other staff and third-party consultants on marketing and fundraising campaigns and strategies (including actively engaging in social media relating to Alliance activities and accomplishments)
  • Set the tone of respect, professionalism, confidentiality, and compassion
  • Participate in Bridges’ training and, on occasion, networking events and weekend Bridges’ activities
  • Maintain Bridges’ standards of confidentiality
  • Other duties as assigned

Real Estate/Property Component:

  • Manage and facilitate the entire leasing/rental process for all Alliance properties including application evaluation, applicant interviews, tours, paperwork
  • Supervise internal Property Manager or manage third-party property management firm (whose tasks will, at a minimum, include initial tenant screening, lease-up, security deposit management, rent collection, delivery of late notices, late fee collection, potential evictions, monthly reporting, and timely completion of maintenance tasks and work orders)
  • Monitor property management software to ensure data accuracy, and pull data reports as needed
  • Develop and manage an ongoing maintenance and replacement program (asset management) for all units
  • Work with Property Manager and third-party landlords to assure long-term and short-term property needs
  • Grow the Alliance portfolio (includes working with Board committee and stakeholders)
  • Track monthly profit and loss and cash flow statements for each unit and the portfolio as a whole

Social Service/Programming Component:

  • Grow the referral network for participant referrals
  • Evaluate and maintain eligibility process and criteria for target population
  • Work with tenants to establish a housing stability plan and self-sufficiency goals, and monitor tenants’ progress
  • Provide financial management assistance and case management for identified clients, including coordination with third-party providers for services including, but not limited to, financial management services and education
  • Build and maintain volunteer program for Circle of Support to provide additional assistance with goal achievement and community organizing, leadership development, and education for tenants.
  • Organize Circle of Support meetings, events and programs, which includes the coordination of trainings, meeting logistics and agenda, as well as the facilitation of discussions on group and individual goals
  • Support tenants to resolve difficulties with property management
  • Maintain ongoing relationship with all tenants


  • A commitment to Bridges’ vision to increase affordable housing in the County to prevent and end homelessness
  • Undergraduate degree either in (a) a human services/administration, social work, or related field; or (b) in real estate, finance or related field (Note that 5+ years of relevant experience may be considered in substitution for education)
  • A strong sense of urgency about the importance of creating new models for workforce housing
  • Understanding of Fair Housing Act regulations and requirements
  • Experience or proficiency/knowledge in either of the following categories, with a demonstrated ability and commitment to acquiring the relevant knowledge base for the other category in a timely manner:

Social Services/Programming:

  • affordable housing or homelessness prevention
  • organizational development, community organizing, advocacy, group process, and conflict management
  • case management, both direct and through referrals to other resources, third party providers brought on-site, and volunteer corps engagement

Real Estate/Property Acquisition and Operation:

  • real estate acquisition and financing
  • property management, including familiarity with property management software
  • building trades, home repair/maintenance, and housing issues
  • proficiency in real estate financial modeling (or demonstrated ability and commitment to acquire the relevant knowledge base in a timely manner)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, combined with experience in public speaking and presentations
  • Proven strategic thinker and problem solver
  • Demonstrated resourcefulness
  • Proficiency in Excel, Word and PowerPoint (or demonstrated ability and commitment to acquire the relevant proficiency in a timely manner)
  • Management or supervisory experience preferred, since additional staff (such as a case manager/housing advocate or real estate associate) may be added to the program in the future as the program grows
  • Fundraising and/or grant writing experience (to fund additional housing units) is a plus

Diversity in organizational practices is a core value of Bridges to Housing Stability, Inc. resulting in culturally competent services, materials, resources, and programs. Our hiring and business practices appreciate the strengths offered through different backgrounds. Bridges is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.

HOURS: This is a full time (40 hours a week), salaried, exempt position. As an exempt management employee, the Alliance Manager will be expected to work additional hours, as needed, to satisfy job requirements.

SUPERVISOR: Director of Programs. As part of the Director of Program’s role overseeing the overall operation of the Alliance Program and supervising the Alliance Program Manager, the Director of Programs will conduct a 90-day review of the Alliance Program Manager’s performance, as well as annual reviews thereafter. All annual reviews are conducted at the end of Bridges’ fiscal year, which runs from July 1- June 30. Bridges utilizes a 360-degree evaluation process, which also includes a self-evaluation, evaluations from subordinates (as applicable), and of other management staff with whom the Alliance Program Manager has regular work-related dealings and contact.

SALARY: Commensurate with experience. This position is eligible for merit bonuses.

BENEFITS: Bridges provides medical, dental, vision and life insurance, short-term disability, Bridges’ retirement account matching (up to 3% of salary), and flexible leave.

Visit for additional information about Bridges and the Bridges Alliance Program.

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